The Importance of Regular Hedge Trimming Services

The Importance of Regular Hedge Trimming Services

As professional landscapers, we're regularly called out to gardens that have been completely neglected.

We've ventured into weed riddled and hedge overgrown gardens that need to be completely dug up. Unfortunately, gardens quickly become wild and untamable if left for a few months. One of the first things to become overgrown and easily the most difficult to cut are hedges. In Ireland's wet and sunny climate, hedges can get extremely high and highly thick in no time at all. If left untreated, they frequently become too unwieldy to save. Our landscapers will be left with no option but to eradicate the hedges. This can be frustrating for a garden owner, especially if you have to replant completely.
Now having to pull up and replant is an extreme example. Still, even untended hedges can undermine the overall aesthetics of a property. Overly large hedges can attract unwanted wildlife and even cast too large a shadow, preventing other plants from getting direct sunlight. With all this in mind, we want to take this opportunity to discuss the importance of regular hedge trimming.


The Health of A Garden

Properly maintained hedges are good for the overall health of your garden. Regular trimming keeps the size of the hedge in check, preventing the possibility of the hedge being damaged in extreme weather conditions. A more manageable hedge will also put less pressure on the surrounding soil, allowing other plants to thrive. As previously mentioned, smaller hedges cast less of a shadow, meaning all plants within the garden will get adequate sunlight, and by extension, a garden will be a much more welcoming environment.



Hedges and shrubs are often used to segment a garden or create a barrier between your land and your neighbour's. This system can look great if the hedges are properly trimmed. Hedges and scrubs allowed to overgrow can make even the most carefully laid out garden look messy and unstructured. If you have hedges outside your office, this messiness can undermine the professionalism of your company. Remember, if clients visit your offices, the exterior of your building will dictate their first impressions. Therefore you'll want to make sure your green areas are professionally maintained.


Use professional Hedge Trimming Services

Just because a person owns a chainsaw or a hedge trimmer doesn't qualify them to prune a hedge. Hedge trimming is a complex and methodical process that requires experience and expensive professional equipment, not a cheap DIY tool. The only thing that looks worse than an overgrown hedge is a poorly trimmed hedge. Uneven trimming, bald spots or a crooked hedge shape can look awful in a garden. And what's worse, little can be done to salvage a poor job other than waiting for the hedge to grow out.

If you're interested in our professional hedge trimming services, please contact our offices today.


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