Stump Removal

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Stump Removal

When removing trees from around the grounds of your property, stump removal is vital to ensure a thorough and clean job. Here at Scanlon Tree Services, we’re experts in all things tree surgery and stump removal, offering professional services to keep your property looking clean and tidy.

After removing a tree or hedge from your property, we offer full-service Dublin, Wicklow, and Kildare stump removal services where we fully remove the stump from your property before flattening the land and removing all waste and debris.

As a team of expert professional tree surgeons, we ensure that all stumps are removed safely and effectively, with full site clearance services available if necessary.

Not only do our Dublin, Kildare, and Wicklow stump removal services improve the overall look of your property, but also add to increased land quality and overall site clearance, making the land suitable for landscaping or construction.

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Stump Removal

 Scanlon Tree Services offers a full stump removal service, using specialist machinery and equipment to fully remove all traces of tree and hedge stumps from your land. From felled trees to dangerous tree removal services, we can safely and effectively remove all kinds of stump from your property.

Stump Grinding

Following our stump removal service, the team at Scanlon Tree Services uses modern equipment to grind the stump for easy disposal, ensuring that your stump removal service is an eco-friendly one that won’t leave a mess.

Site Clearance & Tidy-Ups

Alongside our Dublin, Kildare, and Wicklow stump removal services, Scanlon Tree Services offers full-service site clearance to prepare land for construction or landscaping. After each stump removal service, we ensure to tidy all debris after us for a stress-free service you can rely on.

Tree Stump Removal Cost

We often get questions on the cost associated with tree stump removal. We assure our clients that we can continue offering the most cost-effective tree stump removal services possible. If you want a free quote, please get in touch with our offices today. All our no-obligation tree stump removal quotes are calculated on the following criteria:

-The amount of stumps that need to be removed
-How accessible the stump is
-The diameter of the stump (we measure at ground level)
-Where the stump is located on the property

We also strive to offer clients the most competitive stump removal quote possible.

Latest Tree Stump Blogs

Why Tree Stump Removal Is Crucial For A Happier Home

Have you ever strolled by a residence and noticed a garden marred by the presence of an overgrown tree root and stump?

Leaving deteriorating roots and stumps in your garden isn't the most appealing sight for your home. Reach out to Scanlon Tree Services today for all your Stump Removal needs.

Problems With Tree Stumps

Upon felling a tree, the garden frequently contends with the persistent issue of a remaining stump. Interestingly, many gardeners find charm in a tree stump.

Numerous instances showcase innovative gardens where tree stumps are the focal point for adjacent beds or function as impromptu shelves for garden embellishments. A trending practice in recent years involves affixing a toy door to the stump and designating it a fairy house. Nevertheless, there are situations where a tree stump can pose a nuisance.

Stump Removal FAQ

  • How long does it take to remove a tree stump?

    This all depends on the size of the stump and the breed of the tree. Stump removal services can take anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours to be completed.

  • Where can I find a stump removal service near me?

    Scanlon Tree Services offers Wicklow stump removal services to customers across Dublin, Wicklow, and Kildare.

  • How much does it cost to get a tree stump removed?

    The price of stump removal varies depending on the size of the stump and where you are located. Get in touch with Scanlon Tree Services today for a free quote on our full range of stump removal services.

  • What happens to the chippings after the tree stump removal?

    The equipment we use grinds a large stump into loose chippings. These chippings are then mixed up with the soil. This effectively transforms the chippings into mulch which is key to a healthy garden. This means that the ground where the stump used to be is ready to be replanted or returfed immediately.

  • I need a tree stump removal immediately. How soon can you arrive?

    We make every effort to respond to all requests as soon as possible. While we can't always guarantee same-day service, we will add you to our calendar and arrive on the date and time specified.

  • Is it possible that the tree will regrow?

    It's doubtful that the tree will start to regrow. If it does, it will only be a small shoot that can be easily pulled out with your hands.

  • The tree stump is right up against a wall. Can it still be removed?

    The grinding equipment we use is highly versatile. So, while it may take a little longer to grind the stump, you should expect the same removal from a stump beside a wall to a stump in the middle of the garden.