Why Tree Stump Removal is Crucial for a happier home - Scanlon Tree Services

Why Tree Stump Removal is Crucial for a happier home - Scanlon Tree Services

Have you ever walked past a home and spotted an overgrown tree root and stump stuck in the garden?

Overgrown roots and stumps that have been left there to rot are not the best look in front of your home. Contact us today at Scanlon Tree services for all your Stump Removal needs.


Stump Removal

At Scanlon Tree services, we provide an excellent Stump removal service. We provide our cost-effective, tree surgery expertise within the domestic, commercial and industrial sectors. If you are looking for a company that specialises in overgrown gardens and site clearance for your Stump Removal, we at Scanlon Tree services have got you covered.


How does the Stump Removal process work?

There are three successfully proven ways to do tree stump removal.
• Firstly you can dig it out. You can do this by loosening the soil that is around the stump until you can see the roots. You then break the roots into smaller pieces making them easier to remove.
• Secondly you can burn the stump. If it is legal to burn the stump you can find bits of wood, place them on top and set your stump alight. Once the stump is fully burnt out the ground will gradually start to sink. You can then add more soil to cover the hole.
• Lastly you can use a chemical stump remover. This chemical stump remover is poured in to holes of the stump. This will help the wood to rot, making it easier for you to remove it.
The easiest way to get rid of a stump is to hire a landscaping company and our team at Scanlon Tree services is here to help!


Why remove tree stumps?

As much as growing trees are beautiful, dead trees can be a hazard to your health and a safety hazard. Dead trees can drop branches that have broken off, which can cause injury to people animals or your home. Dead trees can attract diseases which are not safe for your nearby plants. They can also attract pests.
Stump removal is necessary as leaving a tree stump in the ground can damage your home and take up valuable space. If you like gardening, tree stumps can get in the way of your beautiful new design ideas.


Tree stumps can cost you money

Even though they are just sitting there, Tree stumps can cost you money! They can cost you money in two ways.
Firstly, it is a very terrible safety hazard. If a child were to trip on the overgrown roots from your tree stump, it could cause an injury. This could result in you paying for medical bills or getting into a lawsuit.
Secondly, it is not aesthetically pleasing. If you are looking to sell your home, a stray tree stump can reduce the value of your property as it is an eye-sore.



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